Needle Safety: Human, Economic, Environmental

    The course will demonstrate the effectiveness of education and training to reduce the incidence of needle accidents. It also introduces the concept of Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI), which confirms the most effective improvements come from those who do the work. In brief, the course details the necessary improvement activities to develop sustainable data-driven solutions, which reduce needle stick injuries in the workplace.

    • Understand the provider’s role in improving needle safety in their organization.
    • Describe the government’s role in regulating and enforcing needle safety.
    • Evaluate needle safety improvements from a value-based care perspective.
    • Discuss accidental needle stick protocols and post exposure prophylaxis.
    • Know and understand the root cause for under reporting of needle stick injuries.
    • Improve the medication injection process using the CPI methodology.
    • Understand environmental impact analysis of injection processes and improvement goals.
    • Appreciate the relationship between education and reduced incidence of needle stick injury.